Stute - Lonau/Herzberg - Australia


Nachkommen/Descendants-Tree 21.03.2009

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Frederick (Gottlieb Friedrich) Stute * Abt 1820

der Sohn

Henry Charles William (Heinrich Carl Wilhelm) Stute * 10 Dec 1846 Lonau/Herzberg/Hannover

ausgewandert nach Australien im Jahre 1871.

Allan Stute:

My Grandfather, Henry Charles William Stute, arrived in Australia from Germany on 28 October 1871 on the ship " Pontakah" and disembarked at the port of Williamstown (which would have been the port of Melbourne at that time) He was born on the 10th December 1846 at Lonau in the County of Hildesheim in the country of Germany.
His Father was Fredrick Stute And his Mother was Philipina Lasmann.His name does not appear on any passenger list so I think he was a sailor, My father thought that he had jumped ship .